Hallelujah-It’s-A-Healthy Tartine

A tartine, if you are not acquainted with the term, is what the French call an open-faced sandwich with a sweet or savory topping. These spreads can be exotic or simple. At one of my favorite food blogs, theKitchn, is posted ten of their favorites, from Ricotta, Fig and Honey to Egg, Arugula and Herb to plain old Roasted Tomato Tartine.

Have I piqued your interest?

What's for lunch? -It's-Healthy Tartine, Lemon Basil-Mint Lemonade, & Raw Brownies

What’s for lunch? Hallelujah-It’s-Healthy Tartine, Lemon Basil-Mint Lemonade, & Raw Brownies

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe choice is Hallelujah-It’s-A-Healthy Tartine. To be truthful, that’s really not what Dorie chose to call this wonderfully delicious idea for a lunch or snack. In France this recipe is called Tartine Régime. Sounds sexy, right? It translates into English as Dieter’s Tartine. Thud.

So sorry, Dorie, I changed its name. Let’s move on.

First, you vigorously mix together a topping of cottage cheese and sour cream. Generously spread it on a large, toasted piece of country bread. Toss seedless cucumbers, peeled and diced, together with a small tomato, peeled, seeded and diced. Put on top of the spread. Add a dash of Herbes de Provence and fresh chives or basil. Voilà. Quick and Easy.

The ingredients are all prepped and waiting for a large slab of toasted country bread.

The ingredients are all prepped and waiting for their slab of toasted country bread to appear.

Because I wanted this lunch to be all about eating healthy, I chose Deborah Madison’s Lemon Basil-Mint Lemonade over a French Rosé for my drink.  Although Madison’s new cookbook, Vegetable Literacy, has carried the edible plant kingdom into my kitchen with surprisingly tasty results, I was skeptical about this lemonade business. Why do I ever doubt Deborah or Dorie? It’s not-for-nothing that they publish successful cookbooks. Try this lemonade, Readers, you’ll love it.

a healthy and delicious tartine - American style

a healthy and delicious tartine – American style

For dessert I made Raw Brownies, a recipe my friend, Susan Phillips, adapted from Sarah Britton, an innovative Danish chef who blogs at My New Roots. Susan first shared these with me, saying, “These brownies will change your life.” 

In a word, Addictive.

It takes only five ingredients – walnuts, cocoa powder, Medjool dates, almonds and salt – tossed together in a food processor plus a little freezer/refrigerator time to make these beauties. My tip? After pressing the crumbly mixture into a dish lined with waxed paper, refrigerate until cold enough to cut into squares. Then, toss them into a baggie and throw into the freezer to eat when tempted.  Although Britton suggests topping them with cinnamon, I don’t bother. A caveat……substitute cocoa powder for raw cacao (in Britton’s recipe) in the same proportions.

It's a Miracle: Brownies, Healthy - Delicious - Raw (no sugar or eggs)

Brownies: Healthy – Delicious – Raw
(no sugar or eggs)

I’ve started taking these healthy treats on hikes for snacks/ dessert and have found it’s increased my popularity as a hiking partner. Although I’m not yet  the hiker I aspire to be, slower than my friends, I bring yummy treats. That counts for something.

To see if my colleagues liked this diet fare (healthy choice) as much as I did, go here. And, please let me know if you try any of this week’s recipes. I’m really excited about this lunch combo and was happy to be able to share all the recipes with you.


  1. says

    I love the name change…Dieter’s Tartine just doesn’t roll off the tongue! Your raw brownies look great, too.

    PS…my knitting group doesn’t even blink when I arrive without yarn or needles since I bring treats. I’m sure your hiking friends don’t mind your pace if you shower them with goodies 🙂

  2. says

    Your take on this looks delicious, Mary, as does the plate of raw brownies. We’re lucky enough to know an accomplished raw cook and I have a number of great raw dessert recipes from a class she gave for our co-op’s members. Those brownies are making me think it’s time to pull one or two of them out of the drawer…

  3. says

    Only Dorie and my mother would consider something made with sour cream a healthy, diet food! I’m still laughing! Love the raw brownie idea. Definitely need the recipe. Have you heard that Clara is now lactose intolerant? Those brownies would definitely fit the bill! xoxo p.s. (You don’t hike slowly. You are a “steady” hiker. Steady is good.)

  4. says

    Mary, I looked at all your links and I am certainly impressed with your choice of recipes! These brownies sound awfully delicious and I am also taken by that green basil lemonade – I love reading about healthy recipes and /or alternatives to the usual fare. I would go on any hike with you if you shared some of these fabulous “raw brownies” with me.
    I also wanted to let you know that I used your wonderful KA ice cream scoop today it works like a charm and I am very pleased that I am the only one around here that owns this wonderful kitchen tool.
    Have a wonderful weekend filled with lots more lovely, healthy food!
    Liebe Grüße, Andrea

  5. says

    Raw Brownie Update: After a run to the store for ingredients, I mixed together the brownies in my food processor (that you gave me for Christmas–thanks again, Mom.) Did a taste test and decided that your grandchildren would not consider these “brownies” no matter how far they hiked. Added a little vanilla, cinnamon, and a small bit of agave hector (honey was the other option). They are in the freezer now (the brownies, not your grandchildren). I will give a taste testing report after they have hardened.

  6. says

    Taste Test Update: The kids loved the brownies, and not just because they have to live with me–the neighborhood kids liked them too. Everyone came back for seconds. The pan will be gone soon!

    • Mary says

      Melissa, Do you realize that this is the first time in history that I’ve been able to give you a recipe? I’m always getting them from you. Can we forget Susan Phillips started this………. (forgettabouther). xoxoxo

  7. nana says

    The tartines look quite delicious as well as those brownies. I think all the Doristas enjoyed this recipe, it certainly was easy. Have a great weekend.

  8. says

    Your tartine looks healthy. I love the colors of the fresh veggies on top, even if the recipe did call for cottage cheese. It’s the basil lemonade that caught my eye. Is that recipe from Vegetable Literacy? I just checked that one out of the library so I’ll look it up. It looks truly amazing. I might even try it tomorrow if my sister has all the ingredients on hand (we’re visiting family this week). Looks like a great lunch, Mary! Have a great week.

    • Mary says

      Yes. Lemon Basil-Mint Lemonade. Page 55. Vegetable Literacy. I have it for the past two days. It’s really delicious.

  9. says

    I want it all !! And that is not because I am a bit low on carbs right now 🙂 Seriously, that is an amazing looking lunch. The fact that it is so healthy is mere gravy on top. Well, you know what I mean. I was chuckling with your explanation about the name and when I got to “thud”…was LOL. Thanks for the smile as well as the great links and recipes. I am SO starting with that amazing lemonade. And yes, be assured that Nana and I mentioned you several times on our trip -and toasted you over one lovely evening’s aperitif in Blois- with fingers crossed that you too will reschedule when the time is right, just as we did. All the best ~

    • Mary says

      I KNEW you would would remember to think of me, Tricia and Nana. I must have received your Vibes because I am happy and doing well and feel I finally have some control and organization over my Life (well as much as Anyone can have that). Feeling very lucky and fortunate. Now………to replanning my French trip.

  10. says

    Thank you for sharing the raw brownie web site, Mary! I definitely will be making these. I want to try the basil lemonade but for some reason I can’t commit to it! Your tartine looks delicious!

  11. says

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Tartine régime sounds so much sexier than “dieter’s tartine” (I actually thought at first that “dieter” was supposed to be a person and that we were supposed to pronounce it “dee-ter”.. silly me). Anyway, superb job as usual Mary, and your raw brownie got me salivating!

  12. says

    Thanks for the link to the tartines. I’ve never been a big sandwich person but now I realize it is because I make sandwiches like an American: all meat. These tartines along with Dorie’s are reshaping my sandwiches. I made a turkey, date, and melted brie tartine the other day… out of this world.
    The brownies look intriging… I would have to try them. Your snacks as a hiking partner plus make me think of when I was hiking in Peru. A British couple joined our group they tended to slow us down a little bit, but they always brought enough toffees for everyone so no one was really bothered by their slowness.

  13. Donna Grauer says

    The brownies are so good they make up for having you as a hiking partner Mary!
    I haven’t made them yet, but do plan to. And I actually want to make the basil-mint lemonade. Sounds amazing and looks beautiful. But I would like to add some tequila or vodka. Will keep you posted.

  14. says

    Everything looks wonderful! I will have to pull the lemonade recipe out of Vegetable Literacy and try it. I adore your napkin rings – perfect for the gardener!

  15. says

    Yes – dieter’s tartine is a thud of a name for this 🙁
    I am going to have to check out the brownies – I love My New Roots (her life changing loaf of bread is a favorite of mine). And… I have really been enjoying D. Madison’s new book this summer. I made a kale/ soba noodle concoction the other night and both girls liked it AND I didn’t mind eating for lunch leftovers (I don’t usually like leftovers, so that’s saying a lot…)
    Catching up on all your e-mails from weekend… (Books + IFBC)

  16. says

    What a great post! Thanks for the lemonade recipe suggestion. I love reading that cookbook but haven’t actually used it yet. All of the text has been a little bit overwhelming, so it’s great to have an idea where to start. The “raw” brownies also sound excellent. They sound a little bit like the Larabars that I spend too much money on. It would be great to try making my own.

    • Mary says

      I agree – Larabars. All the energy bar$ add up over time. That’s why I am experimenting on making my own.

  17. says

    I do change a lot of names from Dorie’s recipes, and this one was very confusing. I couldn’t make it anyway, but it looks so good Mary! But my favorite is the lemonade, and the brownies… the poor tartine comes in last. So many toppings to put on a piece of bread, cucumber isn´t my favorite. Have a great day!

  18. says

    What a feast! It looks soooo good and it’s all healthy!
    You made me laugh with your translation of the dish from French to English. You’re right, sounds way sexier in French.
    (I thought it was named after a guy called Dieter! Never once made the connection with diet until I started reading the blogs!Lol!)


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