Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oyl, a comic strip character created in 1919 by Elzie Crisler Segar. Credit: distortedframes.onsugar.co

Yes, I just had to do that.

Of course the first thing that popped into my mind when I noticed the FFwithD recipe this week was Popeye the Sailor Man and his girlfriend, Olive Oyl. Created in 1919 (Olive Oyl) and 1929 (Popeye) by cartoon illustrator Elzie Crisler Segar, these two beloved fictitious characters were part of my brother’s and my childhood. Luckily for those of you unfamiliar with Olive Oyl, a new comic book series was just released last month.

Let’s be clear. This week we’re making Olive Oil Ice Cream and Popeye didn’t participate in its selection. We know that because there is no spinach involved in this recipe. None at all.

Mise en Place, everything in place, à la Ben & Jerry’s


Admittedly a skeptic, I’ve already bailed on sardine rillettes (4/12/12) so wasn’t inclined to go rogue again. Honestly, I don’t venture much beyond vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.  But after gathering together the ingredients and dusting off Little Darlin’ (my christened name for the ice cream maker), I put together the custard base.

If you’ve ever created ice cream, making the custard is standard. Bring the milk and cream to a boil and pour it into the egg yolk/sugar mixture. Acclimatization is the key technique here. Add salt and then pour the entire mixture back into the pan. Cook until thick to about 180 degrees. There will be a custard coating on the back of your wooden spoon.  After removing the pan from the heat, strain the custard.

Stirring the cooking custard or Stirring the custard cooking.


Are you ready for the olive oil? It’s time. Pour olive oil as well as vanilla extract into the strained custard and stir together. I used my Olea Orange Blush Olive Oil to add more flavoring into the mixture. Refrigerate, about an hour.

Doing time in the refrigerator.


Once cooled, it’s showtime for Little Darlin’. Carefully pour the custard into the bowl of the ice cream maker and let it spin (mine took 30 minutes). With this ice cream, after removing it from the maker, it’s nice to let it freeze an hour or two.

Little Darlin’, spinning.


Just from licking the paddle, I knew I was in love. Olive Oil Ice Cream is delicious. Consensus, one and all. I served this ice cream with two different toppings: 1) a drizzle of orange blush oil topped by a pinch of fleur de sel;  2)  a topping of Eleven Madison Park’s Granola. I favored the granola but will also try it with toppings such as salted caramel sauce , strawberries with balsamic vinegar as well as plain chocolate sauce.

Olive Oil Ice Cream, topped with orange blush olive oil with salt and topped with Eleven Madison Park’s Granola.

If you don’t own Dorie’s cookbook, Around My French Table, I urge you to buy it. Can’t wait to have this recipe?  Try this site. If you want to see how others in our clan did this week, go here.

Packed with cherries, pistachios, and coconut flakes, Eleven Madison Park’s granola provided a sweet and salty topping for the rich ice cream.


  1. says

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this with a drizzle of oil and salt on it. Never thought it would taste as good as it did but I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t work with it. Good job!

  2. says

    Glad this one was a keeper for you too! I should have tried mine drizzled with some oil and salt. Guess I just have to make it again! 🙂 Hope things are okay and just know all the Doristas are thinking of you Mary!

  3. says

    I’m not sure I could have participated this week if Popeye had been involved 🙂 That might have put the weirdness factor over the edge for me. I topped mine with chocolate sauce and it was quite tasty. Not sure I was a fan though without the topping.

  4. says

    Mary, I hope your weekend situation straightens itself out. What a great combination of ice cream and granola. As if this ice cream didn’t feel almost healthy with the oil instead of cream!

    • says

      Mary – thank you for your kind words & yes, you can quote me (as long as it doesn’t get me in trouble 🙂 )

  5. nana says

    I’m another who remembers Olive Oyl and Popeye, nothing like dating oneself. Your ice cream looks great and all those toppings sound delicious. I skipped this week, but
    Tricia was nice enough to treat Hubby and I to her delicious results.

    • Mary says

      Oh, yes, Nana, I knew some of these youngsteristas wouldn’t know Popeye and Olive Oyl. That’s why they have Baby Boomers like us cooking and baking right beside them…… To acquaint them with earlier days (notice I didn’t say “good ole days”). Remember Popeye was still going strong in the 70s so we are “safe”.

  6. says

    Hey, Mary! I have to admit to reading some of the comments you left on other’s blogs! First – how cool that you got to spend 3 months in Cambria! We love Paso Robles – in fact, I used Pasolivo’s Lime Olive Oil in my ice cream. Second, I just ordered the book you recommended to Ei since I moved to Naples when I was 9. My husband just started reading the one you recommended on Istanbul! I ordered the actual book so I can read it when he’s done – sometimes, I just send books to his Kindle. I wish you lived nearby so you could be in my book club! We’re reading “Year of Wonders” by Geraldine Brooks.

    Now, on to the ice cream! I like that you tried different toppings & I think this ice cream is a good base for experimentation. I thought of topping it with toasted coconut, but went with Raspberries instead. Have a great weekend!

  7. says

    What a cute post, Mary! Your ice cream looks beautiful and I like the idea of topping it with some of that crunchy granola. I was also skeptical about this, but was pleasantly surprised by the end result. I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. says

    Mary, I am glad that you liked the Olive Oil Ice Cream as much as we did. I am amazed at the fact that the Doristas came up with all kinds of different ideas for the toppings – granola, that is certainly something that would never have occurred to me, yet it does sound interesting. And you used an “Orange Blush Olive Oil” – that sounds so intriguing, now I want a taste…And the picture of Olive Oyl (or “Olivia Öl” as she is called around here) is cute – have not heard too much about her lately, though.

    Hope that things are well and that the “mini-crises” has passed…

    Have a good weekend!

  9. says

    Thanks for the cartoon trip down memory lane. I can hear the theme song in my head 🙂 And your results as well as toppings are awesome ! Nana and I were very surprised at this one and I did like it more than the sardine rilettes. Way more 🙂 So love that granola you used and am going to look for some good ones in my area as well. Good luck with your emergency this week – hope all is well with you and yours ~

    • says

      I finally got ’round to making this last week – such a surprise hit! Kevin and I really enjoyed it. I’m waiting to hear what my parents think of it, as I brought a container of it over to them, too.

  10. says

    So glad you enjoyed the Olive -Oyl ice cream…your reference made me smile! I also enjoyed this…I had a bowl last night with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt…so yummy! I will be making this one often during the summer…and playing with the toppings! Have a great day, Mary!

  11. says

    When I think about it, granola sounds perfect. The popeye and olive oyl remembrance is great! I loved them, especially the way olivia (that´s how we called her here) culed up her legs!
    If you need something before or while you´re in BA, just email me!

  12. says

    I do hope you will be bringing “Little Darlin ” to Aspen with you. While I am not a big ice cream lover, I cannot imagine olive oil tasting fab in ice cream but to taste is to believe. You make and I will taste!!!
    Can’t wait for your return to Aspen and it is a heck of a lot cooler here than in Henderson.

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