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A buttery gift from one of Melissa's clients.

Thanksgiving arrived late this year. Teeth gnashing when that happens. Deadlines looming. In three weeks your to-do lists become forgetaboutit’s. Since I’m not ready to toss Thanksgiving into the memory book, here’s a glimpse of mine. Plus, my recipes are seriously delicious and make fast work of your holiday surplus. FIRST, FEED ME. Use that leftover bag of carrots for this week’s Cook the Book Friday’s classic fare. Carottes Rapées is the obligatory French bistro salad that, with a warm baguette and butter, kicks off many a meal. Call it grated carrot salad if you wish but try it. With those last turkey bits, make Turkey Tortilla Soup, a tangy interpretation of this Mexican classic by my blogging friend, Liz Berg. Since shredded turkey isn’t added until last, you can substitute tofu for your vegetarians. Divide (the soup) and conquer. When I found a bag of leftover cranberries in the freezer, I decided to bake a birthday cake. It was moist, dense and used no leavening agent. Just whip the … [Read More...]