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"Omelets are not made without breaking eggs.” Robespierre “You CAN make an omelet without breaking eggs. It’s just a really bad omelet.” Steven Colbert It’s CooktheBookFridays. This week’s recipe is David Lebovitz’s take on Omelette aux Fines Herbes. Although most countries and cultures boast their take on this beloved classic, the French were first, in 1393. Joan of Arc most likely noshed on omelettes (called alumettes). David’s is plain and simply herbs and cheese, leaving more to your own imagination and embellishment innovations. Chinese New Year, The Year of the Rooster, begins January 28. If you’re guessing I’m intent on overworking this poultry angle, you’re egg-actly right. Six weeks ago, before leaving Aspen for the winter, there was some moaning and whining in my parting post. “I’m adverse to risk,” I wrote, “unwilling to go out on that proverbial limb. My world turns more slowly. That’s shocking, scary and disappointing. Just thinking about what I can no longer do is cringe-worthy.” … [Read More...]