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HENDERSON, NEVADA After leaving Colorado in mid-November, headed west, I admit to wishing 2017 was over. Bye. Bye.Vamoose. That was but a fleeting thought, however, as I joyfully celebrated Thanksgiving, had dinner with Henderson neighbors, saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” on the big screen and made plans for the busy holiday season. Shortly after Thanksgiving, however, I suffered one of those What Just Happened? accidents and came up lame. Yeah, kinda like a horse. My right knee twisted awkwardly, audibly creaking. Unable to walk I hopped over to plop in a chair and ponder the possibilities. Long story short. Nothing broken or torn. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed by rest, ice packs and therapy. Rather than cooking for friends, birding at the local preserve and enjoying this city, I detoured to homebound. TWO LOVING CHRISTMAS STORIES Ironically, late actors Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed (another Iowa girl) inspired the medicine which lifted my spirits. Do you recall Frank Capra’s Christmas classic “It’s a … [Read More...]