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Last summer my USFS volunteer colleague, Deb, was on bus duty at the Maroon Bells pick up station. It was July, peak tourist season and we were overwhelmed by the crowds, sometimes welcoming over 1,000 visitors each day. The Bells, a priceless treasure, is the most photographed site in Colorado/Rocky Mountains. After work, during our drive home together, we discussed our day. I was concerned about the crowds and the ramifications of that. Deb wasn’t having it. This is what I remember her saying….. “This morning I talked to a woman who was boarding a crowded bus,” Deb told me. “She was wearing a sari, was from India and very excited about seeing the Bells. I remember feeling badly that the crowds would probably lessen her experience. Later I saw her getting off a bus so I walked over and asked how she liked it.” Enthralled might be the right description, Deb recalls. She said, “It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I will never forget it.” That conversation has stuck with me as I often remind … [Read More...]