Lights on Mary

You’ll find Lights on Bright No Brakes a minimalist version of its tired self.

As for Me, I’m still Me. That’s why I suggested to Joy Weinberg, my designer, we skip the ‘about me’ business. She wasn’t having it. We compromised, agreeing to this streamlined version. 

My husband Michael and I moved to Aspen in 1988.

When he died, following a lengthy illness nine years ago, I was forced to rebuild a life but was really lousy at doing it.


 After spotting an article in Oprah magazine about a start-up virtual cooking group called French Fridays with Dorie, I asked to join the group. Why did I do that? I have no idea but they welcomed me.

A journalist by trade, better at writing than cooking, this virtual thing was the food blogging world’s newest brainstorm.

I discovered WE would be cooking through the phenomenal Dorie Greenspan’s newest cookbook, Around my French Table. All I needed, the ingredients if you will, was a blog and her cookbook filled with over 300 recipes. C’est simple, n’est-ce pas? My only credential for doing that was sitting on the couch by Julia Child at an Aspen Food & Wine event at Barbie Benton’s house in Starwood! 

Never one to admit being totally out of my league, Lights on Bright became my lifeline to normality.

As usual, I also expected my family and friends, FFWD colleagues and even those great kids at The Gant where I live, to help and support me. They did. They have. They still are.  Using food as my anchor my blog has enabled me to lift myself up to build up my life again. It’s given me purpose, joy and so much more. That’s what this blog is now about, the so much more.