Lunch at Le Hibou, Paris

When I arrived in Paris last Friday afternoon, I intended to unpack and then have dinner at Au Chai de l’Abbey, a small cafe located across the street. By the time I did get settled and get my technical world up and running, I was not up and running myself. Tired

Au Chai de l’Abbey

Paris, Week #1

The first taste is always the best.

I had a bag of peanuts leftover from my flight. And after rummaging through my purse, found a stale Clif bar, probably left over from last year’s trip here. That, dear Readers, was dinner my first night in Paris. As I recall, Julia had sole meunière, Dover sole browned in a butter sauce, for her first meal. Julia for the Win.


Sunday morning I walked over to Notre Dame. It was jarring. She is 850-years old and damaged. On my final day in Paris last year my blogging colleague, Patty Price, suggested after breakfast we stop by the cathedral. It was a cold, misty day and I was running short of time, I asked, “Why?”

Protecting what remains of Notre Dame’s historic structure.

Because I love going there,” she said. As did I. That was my last and in hindsight very poignant visit to Our Lady of Paris.

The site is protected by a barricade fence. Hanging on the fence is informed signage and detailed photos explaining the April 2019 event and its resulting restoration. Visitors can circle the site to read it. This is not a pleasurable stop for anyone. It’s quiet, sad and disturbing.

Mona and Me


While ND was the beginning bookend of my week, the Léonardo De Vinci retrospective at the Louvre was the other far happier one. Celebrating the 500th anniversary of his death, there are 140 of his works on display plus 11 paintings. It took ten years for the powers that be at the Louvre to pull this together. The show ends in 4 days so I was lucky to see it.

The Léonardo De Vinci retrospective was in I. M. Pei’s Pyramid addition at the Louvre.


Cher Rockwell, a blogging colleague, suggested when in Paris why not choose cheeses that are not available in the States. Great idea. This week I stopped by Laurent Dubois’ cheese shop which I’ve visited before on cheese & wine tours. Dubois is a Meilleur Ouvrier de France recognized for his skills as a master of cheese. The prestigious MOF is France’s highest honor for a craftsperson. Amélie helped me choose three cheeses, goat, cow and a bleu. A fun project.

Preparing Dinner.


Jeanne d’Arc, encouraging everyone to celebrate the upcoming Women’s History Month in the USA and International Women’s Day on March 8.
Feeling Safe.

It is a brisk and windy today (Friday.) It’s actually forecast to be warmer in Aspen. Whoops.