If I had tried to orchestrate this week’s French Friday with Dorie recipe scenario, I could not have done better. From beginning to end, it was the perfect storm.


Springtime in Colorado

Springtime in Colorado


Today’s recipe is Financiers (fee-nahn-see-AY), tiny rich buttery cakes. created a century ago at a patisserie near the Bourse (the French Wall Street). These treats were popular with stockbrokers as pick-me-up, finger food.

What makes these exceptionally delicious is beurre noisette, (brown butter). Financiers require oodles of butter. When cooked to a golden brown coloring, it acquires a nutty flavor.  NOTE: Go the extra mile and brown your butter.


Beurre Noisette, in the making...

Beurre Noisette, in the making…



One cup of sugar and almond flour, 2/3 cup A-P flour and 6 egg whites later, you’ve got batter ready to chill for an hour or two. Overnight is better.

Although the Financiers can be any petite shape, I only could find a mini-muffin tin in my moving boxes. I found gorgeous raspberries at the store. Thus, fruit Financiers. To celebrate my first week in Aspen, I decided to share the spoils with the young people manning our front office.



To those of you who have asked, The Gant, my new home, is an 143-condominium complex located in the heart of downtown Aspen. Built in 1975, each condo is individually owned. It is basically a resort rental complex with all the amenities and staff (100) that go along with that moniker. Most homeowners come for the summer, holidays and a week or two during the ski season. Only 8 other owners live here full-time.

Nine years ago, because of my husband’s health, we needed to escape the altitude, find a kinder climate and be nearer our kids. After selling our house  and thinking we could at least enjoy the Aspen summers, I bought a condo here at The Gant. When it became apparent we couldn’t return, Donnie Lee, the general manager, promised me, since my hands were full, that they would take care of our condo. Whenever they needed to buy, build, install, improve, or change something in my place, someone would call to get my approval. They did the rest. Every year I’d return for 3 or 4 days to check in. That’s why I’m lucky enough to know all the staff and consider them family.



Mr. Lee, the Boss 

Now back to the Financiers. After whipping up the batter Monday evening, I woke up early Tuesday to a raging spring snowstorm. Really?  Wouldn’t warm little raspberry mini-muffins (the staff’s eventual name for my Financiers) be a tasty treat for the front desk staff who often work outside as well as in?

I filled the buttered molds with batter and raspberries and baked them 18 minutes until golden and springy to the touch. They popped out easily and, while still warm, I covered them carefully and pulled on my boots and heavy jacket to scurry over to the office.




Here’s what I can say about the Financiers. There is no photo because I didn’t have the heart to freeze-frame the staff’s enthusiasm, insisting they pose for this Post. However, with apologies to Roger Ebert, the bellmen each gave them a Ten-Fingers Up.



To see the absolutely gorgeous, fancier Financiers that my colleagues made this week, go here.


  1. says

    Look gorgeous to me, love the raspberries. How wonderful that you’re settling in to your new abode so well and treating new friends with FFWD goodies is alway a good way to go…wow-that is some dusting of snow, it’s pretty but I’m sure you’re ready for warmer weather and maybe a few flowers 😉

  2. says

    So glad to hear that you’re getting settled in! Your Financiers look absolutely lovely! I’ll have to try the brown butter version, too! The chocolate ones were fab!

    John said he had no idea he’d dined with a rival! LOL! Luckily, I went to a nerd school with no big sports program which makes me a non-sports enthusiast, so I can love you both!

  3. says

    It’s good to see you settling in. Your staff must love you…such a wonderful treat to share! They look absolutely perfect, Mary! These were amazing!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. says

    Actually I did consider skipping the brown butter and just used melted butter but I’m glad I went the extra mile. 😉
    I’m so gonna try the mini muffin pan tomorrow! Glad that your staff loved them!

  5. Donna Grauer says

    Just finished watching Too Big to Fail….another coincidence.
    also want to say that I was hoping you were going to share these fiscal treats with your GOOD FRIENDS….I opened the blog enticed by the picture….great writing aside, I noticed that there was no discussion about saving any of these morsels for your GOOD FRIENDS who are WILDLY braving the WEATHER to see you tonight. Still I am glad the starving staff was fed…let them eat FiNANCIERS.

    • Mary says

      Whoops! But they were sooooo good, warm.

      Thrilled that you “got” my Title – which was Mary being “subtle”. Not really my style, is it?

      Hopefully I can scrounge up a little something for us all to eat night.

  6. says

    Glad you are settling in and happy in your new/old location. The weather is screwing around with all of us lately! Mother Nature exacting her revenge? I don’t know…..

  7. says

    Consider it a Welcome Back to Aspen Storm? My heart seized just looking at all that butter so I’m glad you shared them with those young kids who have healthy arteries. The end result looked wonderful.

  8. Heidi Feller says

    Great post, I love the raspberries!! Excellent pictures, glad you are settled in but yuck for the snow at this time of the year.

  9. says

    The raspberries on top look delicious. What a nice treat for the staff. The butter was definitely the star of this one. So much richness in such a little bite. Hoping your snow melts soon. it is April after all. Glad you are settling back into your new home!

  10. Beverly says

    What a nice picture of you two! And your financiers look perfect with their little berry centers- yummmm!

  11. says

    Mary, how nice to see that you are happily settling in (again) in Aspen! Your raspberry financiers look utterly delightful – I think we all agreed on this recipe, nice and easy and delicious. As I am writing this, I am putting together a list of “must see” places in Paris that I will mail to you as soon as it is finished – my very favorite (very reliable) food magazine has a lot of tips to offer for shopping and dining in Paris in some “off the beaten track” places. I am also looking into finding a way to meet you in Paris for a nice café au lait…maybe I will be able to make it – that is, if you are interested – it is a four-hour train ride from here and I could possibly return the same day…
    Hope you are haveing a wonderful weekend! Hugs and kisses from the girls!

  12. says

    What a wonderful treat for the staff, Mary! The beautiful color of the raspberries is such a contrast to the snow on the ground there. Your financiers are just perfect and I am sure were so appreciated by everyone.

  13. says

    I finally got ’round to making these myself. They’re so delicious. Yours look pretty and they’re a great treat for sharing.

  14. says

    Hi Mary, I’m thinking this post made its way to your home page lending your past story to mind on Aspen and the Gant. Since I didn’t know you back then I loved reading how Aspen came about, and it tied in with your story a couple months back sharing your moving experience… which turned out to be a bit trying after your tough summer. I’m happy to see you are OK now and looking as vibrant and beautiful as ever! Love those financiers! (aka Warm Little Raspberry Muffins)

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