M. JACQUES’ ARMAGNAC CHICKEN – French Fridays with Dorie

Dorie calls this dish, “une petite merveille” and, that’s just what this chicken roasted in brandy is, a little marvel.

Just out of the Oven, Roasted Chicken with Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions

“It’s one of those remarkable dishes that is comforting, yet more sophisticated than you’d expect (or really have any right to demand, given the basic ingredients and even more basic cooking method),” she says.

Translated, that means four major ingredients, one whopping big pot (I used my Le Creuset 9 1/2 enameled cast-iron Dutch Oven), 1/2 hour of preparation and one hour in a 450-degree oven.  In fact, you can find the recipe at the link below:


Remove the Chicken from the Pot (Cover with a Foil Tent) while thickening the sauce with the vegetables.

Bowl of Potatoes, Carrots and Onions, ready for the table

I made this dinner-for-two on a particularly busy day and was able to leave the house, worry-free, after I stuck it in the oven. Although dinner was delayed, I just shut off the oven, without removing the casserole pot. That kept the chicken warm, moist and tasty.

Enhanced by brandy, and very little else spice-wise, this was one tasty and nutritious dish which we both enjoyed. Although two of us finished this quite handily, served with a salad and crusty bread, this would serve 4 nicely.

See how the other Dorista’s handled this roasted chicken/vegetables dish at: http://www.frenchfridayswithdorie.com/ 

Roasted Chicken, Vegetables, Home-Made Applesauce and Bordeaux

While the plate could have been presented more attractively, the food was delicious.


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    This recipe yielded three generous servings for us: DH, mine, and mine to pack for lunch the next day. I’m glad to have this recipe in the arsenal – too tasty for the minimal effort.

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    Your chicken looks delicious! I had to laugh about two of your polishing this off. I usually find Dorie’s serving sizes overly generous. I actually got 8 servings out of this. Four dinners for myself while my husband was out of town and then 2 dinners for 2 when he came back.

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    One of my grouchy complaints (meaning that even I knew I was in a bad mood 🙂 was that the dish did not produce much of a meal for my family after having the oven on at 450 for an hour. See – I said I was grouchy 🙂 The chicken was moist but I would have preferred more crisp to it. There may be a next time after all, but I will add more veggies (didn’t they turn out great ???) and do two birds next time. Great post !!

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    You have to love those “throw them together and forget about them” types of meals… It’s great to have a few of thouse in your back pocket!
    Glad you enjoyed.

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    OMG so jealous of your wine with dinner! I can’t wait til I can enjoy that again! … Your chicken looks great with the one really truly browned leg, its just so cute! Good job with your browning, mine looks like it was never cooked but still juicy and delicious!

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